How To Download

We noticed just of recent that some of our users are finding it hard to download movies from our website. The below article will walk you through on how to successfully download movies from our website.


Step 1: Click on any movie you want to download on our website, when it opens, navigate to the movie details. Just below it, you will see a button named “DOWNLOAD NOW” , click it…… Check below image

Step 2: After clicking on the “DOWNLOAD NOW” button, a page will load up asking you to enter a code (check below image). Enter the code(usually comprises of letters and numbers) shown and click on “Submit”.

Step 3: After clicking on “Submit”, a new page will load up showing so many links (check below image). Just choose any of the link and follow the instructions afterwards to finally download to your phone. We will strongly recommend “” or “” for faster downloads.

That’s it… We hope you enjoy reading this?

But if you still encounter any issue while downloading, kindly don’t hesitate to let us know.